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School & Youth Group Evening Programs

Capitol at nightRevolutionary City after Dark invites you to continue exploring the events that shaped a new nation. After the sun sets, 18th-century entertainments will amuse and amaze your group. You can choose a variety of activities ranging from drama and dance to music and evening walking tours. Put your best foot forward as you learn why dance was “the dearest diversion” of colonial Virginians. Discover the arts and mysteries of the trades, march with the soldiers preparing for war, hear a story and learn a moral or two, or find clues and treasures in the ground.

Because these popular programs fill up early, call our reservationists (1-800-228-8878) to find out what’s happening while you’re in town.

The following are a sampling of the Colonial Williamsburg programs that are especially interesting for school and youth groups:

  • Lanthorn tour

    Lanthorn Walking Tours

    Further explore the trades during this candlelight walking tour to shops and workplaces of most accomplished artisans in the 18th-century capital.

  • dancing

    Colonial Dance

    “Virginians will dance or die,” wrote an 18th-century diarist. What better time than the 21st century to learn a few “new” dance steps and experience one of the favorite pastimes of colonial Virginians. Discover what this diversion reveals about societal customs and Williamsburg’s culture. Students are encouraged to participate.

  • Actors

    Papa Said, Mama Said

    Experience a moving program in which 18th-century free and enslaved blacks reflect on lessons learned through stories told by the elders. This interactive program explores the significance of oral African tradition. Students participate in the experience featuring recollections of stories that teach moral lessons that have been passed down from generation to generation.

  • In Defense of Our Liberty

    Take the oath and enlist your students into a company in the Continental Army at the Magazine. Follow the orders of your sergeant as your students are recruited, and discover how soldiers prepare to face the enemy.

  • Ghost

    Ghosts Amongst Us

    When the sun goes down, Williamsburg has a haunted history to tell. During this one hour Colonial Williamsburg walking tour, you will enter the sites and meet ghostly inhabitants and those who have lived to tell of their supernatural experiences. (Walking Tour).