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School and Youth Group Tours

Your Tour, Your Choice

students examining a well
  • Standards-based
  • Interactive Activities
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Pre- and Post-visit Activities

Looking for an interesting way to introduce a unit? Searching for a memorable review of material examined earlier in the year? We will work with you to create a customized tour. Whether you wish to cover math, science, English, or history, our professional educators will partner with you to create a customized tailored individualized experience. Your students will discover everything from the global economy to African American life, from fashion trades to agriculture and livestock, to government and politics. We want to personalize your experience to meet your curriculum needs. Contact us and we will begin planning your journey into the past.

Discovering Williamsburg, Grades K-3

studentsDo your students need an example of a good resident? Williamsburg is a great place to learn about citizenship. From the very beginning, this country was made up of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and perspectives. In the Revolutionary City younger students will search and explore every day life, work and decision-making, and what it means to be a good citizen as they uncover the inhabitants who worked for independence and liberty. They will join in hands-on activities, such as pulling water from a well, trying on clothes of fashion, or assembling a bucket. They will hear the stories of Americans united by common principles and choices.

Shaping a Nation through Colonization & Conflict, Grades 4-5

student groupAre your students prepared to encounter genuine world issues and challenges? Are they aspiring leaders, eager to compete in the emerging global marketplace? Groundbreakers who will make important decisions for their families, schools and neighborhoods? Come visit the Revolutionary City of Williamsburg, where your students will be active participants in the colonial world. They will see, hear and participate in the key decisions that played an important role in creating a new nation. Your students will investigate the lives and perspectives of both free and enslaved people and explore everything from economic challenges to the radical new thinking of the revolution. Be ready to debate the merits of peace and the burdens of war as you choose a side. Will you stay loyal to the crown, or join the rebellion? Come to Williamsburg and uncover what is truly at stake for you, and your students.

Creating a New Republic, Grades 6-8

studenst and colonial interpreterWhat was truly at risk for the men and women of the Revolution? Here your students will meet and speak with inhabitants of the past who will reveal their unique perspectives, and share their innovative ideas. Your students will hear the actual words of revolutionaries while standing on the same ground as the founding fathers. They will explore the transition from subject to citizen and decide what form our new government should take. March into the past to meet the people, hear their sentiments, and create a new nation beginning today!

Adopting a New Nation, Grades 9-12

Thomas Jefferson with studentsWhat is self-government and how did it come to be? Do your students take the words "We the People" for granted? Explore a time when self-government was still a revolutionary idea. Discover the Virginia Declaration of Rights, an inspiration for the Bill of Rights. Step into the past and hear the words of the founding fathers, and investigate how the Declaration of Independence and the beginning of self-government were influenced by the thoughts, actions and varied perspectives of American men and women. Debate what rights should be preserved for all and decide whether these rights should extend to everyone. What kind of nation will your students advocate, what economic model will they choose, who will have the ultimate authority? You may be amazed at what your students recommend!