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Today in the 1770s: May 24

WILLIAMSBURG, May 24, 1776.
Any young, healthy, and strong man, not under 5 feet 7 inches high, that is free and willing to enlist as a MATROSS in my company of artillery, will please to repair to my quarters in Williamsburg, where he will be kindly received, have 3 l. advance money paid to him, besides new clothes, and 2 s. per day, for one, two, or more years, if not sooner discharged. God save the Congress. DOHICKY ARUNDEL.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie) May 24, 1776

About this entry:

Captain Arundel was an inventor and was killed in the Battle of Gwynn's Island in early July 1776 when an artillery piece he designed blew up.

Language notes:

A matross was a private in an artillery unit who was assigned to perform tasks not requiring specialized skills.

Sources: Mays, Am Rev, p184; and VA Gaz, CWI,v28,#3, p 1-4

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