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Today in the 1770s: June 2

WILLIAMSBURG, June 2, 1774.
In our last, we mentioned the intention of the late respectable House of Burgesses to solemnize the 1st of June with fasting, humiliation, and prayer; and it is with pleasure we assure our readers that every inhabitant of this city, and numbers from the country, testified their gratitude, in the most expressive manner, by attending the worthy and patriotic speaker at the courthouse, and proceeding from thence, with the utmost decency and decorum, to the church, where prayers were accordingly read, and a sermon, suitable to the important occasion, was delivered; by the reverend Mr. Price from the 103d psalm and 19th verse. "The Lord hath prepared his seat in Heaven, and his kingdom ruleth over all."

Virginia Gazette (Rind) June 2, 1774

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Virginians sought to support Boston, whose port had been closed after the Boston Tea Party, with a day of fasting and prayer. George Washington, a member of the House of Burgesses, wrote in his diary on June 1, 1774, "Went to Church & fasted all day".

Sources: GW, Diary

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