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Today in the 1770s: October 14

WILLIAMSBURG, October 14, 1778.
The committee appointed by the Clergy of this state for the purpose of calling them together whenever the experiences of the church appeared to require it, being of opinion that matters of the highest importance demand a speedy and very general Convention of the Clergy, do most earnestly request their Reverend brethren to attend at the college in this city on the 12th day of November.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon &Hunter) October 16, 1778

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The urgency of this request may be related to legislation in 1776 and 1777 that suspended the payment of clergy salaries by taxation. Some clergy returned to England, some joined the army, some became farmers, some joined the American army. Not until 1784 did the clergy organize and request the Virginia legislature to request independence from the Commonwealth of Virginia, to regulate ecclesiastical affairs, to secure the property ow and incorporate as the Protestant Episcopal Church of Virginia. The first general convention of Episcopal churches in Virginia took place in Richmond in 1785.

Sources: Cleaveland

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