Thoughts on War

Anne Christian - sister of Patrick Henry Back
Anne Christian - sister of Patrick Henry
Anne Christian was the sister of Patrick Henry and the wife of Colonel William Christian.

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"You wish to know what I think of this war of independence... Well, speaking truthfully I can tell you that it has been a subject of great debate in my family for many years. My brother Pat, well, he has been — some would say — at the forefront of all of this beginning back in '65 with the Stamp Act, and how he wrote some resolutions against the Stamp Act. Many were surprised that the young burgess Patrick Henry would take so — shall we say — strong a stance on the issue, given that it was his first year as a burgess. But as I say, I suppose that is what begun it all. And now we are to war, and I worry, but I know that what our men are doing is for the betterment of us all, and so yes, I do support them in this cause."

        Sharon Forsher is a supervising coach of character interpretation and
               interprets the character of Anne Christian for Colonial Williamsburg.