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Betty Randolph - widow of Patriot Back
Betty Randolph - widow of Patriot
Betty Randolph was the widow of Peyton Randolph and the sister of Benjamin Harrison.

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"I think back 'twas not so very long ago that I was the wife of the best of men. Now I am his widow. 'Twas not so long ago that we were Englishmen and women — and proud of it — and now we are to war with our Mother Country.

I remember back to the summer before my dear husband passed on - a summer of many changes. War had come to Virginia, My husband had been very ill. His brother John Randolph had decided to leave Williamsburg, indeed leave Virginia — his home — and take his family to England. And John's son, Edmund, my nephew did not agree with his father No, indeed; he left Virginia and secured a place on General Washington's staff.

And at the end of August, my husband and I set off for Philadelphia to return to the Congress, where he had been president, but now a delegate. My family — the rest of them — are much engaged in this struggle for liberty. Indeed, this past summer my brother Benjamin Harrison has put his name to this declaration of independency.

My brother Charles has now enlisted in the artillery. He has left twin babes — motherless twin babes that are not even a year old — and gone into the army. But who knows how it shall all end? We must simply gather our strength and see this through. There can be no turning back."

        Lucy Smith interprets the character of Betty Randolph for Colonial Williamsburg.