Thoughts on War

Peachy Purdie - Printer's wife Back
Peachy Purdie - Printer's wife
Peachy Purdie was the widow of Alex Purdie, printer and publisher of the Virginia Gazette.

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"In this year of 1781, you wish to hear my opinion of the war against the British and how it has affected my life. In April of 1779, I did lose my husband, Alexander Purdie, due to an injury he suffered serving this new country.

Later on that same year, my first-born son decided to run off and join Colonel Gage's Monongahela Militia Unit and serve, as his papa would have wanted! He were captured by the British. Less than a year's time past, I lost my son. The British put him on board a prison ship, off the coast of New York in Wallabout Bay. With hundreds of others, he sat there and starved and died. To be thrown overboard when they were through with him. He had not yet reached his 15th year.

My second son Hugh was to join him and fight for the country, as his papa would have wished - knowing the cost his brother paid.

My youngest, little Alex, not understanding anything happening in his life and what were going on about him. Our friends and family no longer around us... because the capital city, as we'd always known it, no longer existed. It had been moved to Richmondtown.

Little Alex and I still try to pull the family together... what is left of us. And pray that things will soon end, and a new life will begin for all of us.

        Cindy Gunther interprets the character of Peachy Purdie for Colonial Williamsburg.