Thoughts on War

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Alex Purdie - Printer
Mr. Purdie was a printer and publisher of the Virginia Gazette, a newspaper still in print today.

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"I do remember the more pleasant times indeed when I first came to this colony, but much has happened over these past years. And now as the public printer to the colony, as a father, a husband, as a man of this community, this is my home, and I have regarded it as such.

That which I have is thankful to the community and the people of this great colony of Virginia. And if I can in any way defend the principles of the rights and liberties of this colony and defend the men who would stand in principle in staunch allies in defense of these claims of liberty and rights, I myself will do so gladly both in my person and by my newspaper - which in no way will reflect indeed the position of the Parliament in the favorable fashion, I can assure you.

The war is an unfortunate thing, but wars are brought about not by Virginians or these American colonies or their deeds or actions, but by the actions of men in Parliament who have grown deaf over the years to our claims.

If we must defend the principles, we must fight for them. A foundation is built upon and cannot be interfered with unless it is indeed by the general approbation of the people at large.

Let us hope indeed that we are successful in this endeavor; let us hope indeed that the soundness of mind will come to His Majesty and to the government in London and realize that they cannot subdue a people, they cannot war with them and expect them to be enslaved under them forever. "

        Dennis Watson interprets the character of Alexander Purdie for Colonial Williamsburg.