Special Thanks and Credits

Special thanks to the Steve and Sheila Miller Foundation for underwriting this project and to MIT's Education Arcade for permission to use architectural models from the Revolution game.

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Sr. Executive Producer: Richard L. McCluney, Jr.
Executive Producer: William E. White, Ph.D.
Producer: Frances M. Burroughs
Manager of Internet Operations: Mary V. Stutz
Design: Elizabeth Eaton
Video Editor: Michael Durling

Teacher Materials
Writer: Jodi L. Norman
Editors: Gina DeAngelis, Jodi L. Norman
Reviewers: William Fetsko, John Ogden
Designer: José Barcita

Role Playing Game
Writer/Editor: Gina DeAngelis
Associate Producers: Leslie Doiron, Lisa Heuvel
Department of Collections and Conservation
Department of Historical Research
Music selections from Colonial Williamsburg CDs and audio archives
Additional music by Todd A. Judge, MPSE
CDs recorded at Colonial Williamsburg are available at www.williamsburgmarketplace.com

Producer and Writer: David T. Schaller
Software Architect/Lead Developer: Russell Lunsford
Game Developers: Ray Nothnagel, Lucas Goss, Steve Allison-Bunnell, Paul Gardner
Graphic Designer: Steve Wagner
3D Artists: Pete Moretta, Nikitova LLC, Garen Rees
Skybox Illustrator: Paul Carpenter

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