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MAY 2, 2011


"The Monstrous Absurdity"

One of the defining moments of the American Revolution was Williamsburg's Gunpowder Incident of 1775. Before dawn on April 21, 1775, British marines, acting on orders from Royal Governor Lord Dunmore, removed the colonists' gunpowder from the Magazine. The next morning, when residents of Virginia's 18th-century capital discovered that the gunpowder was missing, they took to the streets and threatened retaliation against the governor. The series of events surrounding the removal of the powder has become known as the Gunpowder Incident.

Primary Source of the Month

Williamsburg Magazine.
Williamsburg Magazine. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

Buildings can also be primary sources. They can tell stories about their purpose, location, and the people who used it. The history of the Magazine in Williamsburg has many twists and turns—perhaps most famously, its involvement in the Gunpowder Incident of 1775.

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Teaching Strategy: Perspectives on the Gunpowder Incident

History can be described as a series of individual choices coming together to create events. In this lesson, students will examine the Gunpowder Incident from the perspectives of five different historical characters. They will discuss their characters' actions in small groups, and then present their characters' point of view to the class and take notes on each others' presentations. Those notes will be used to help students as they draw comic strips depicting what they think really motivated the Gunpowder Incident.

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Quotation of the Month

"The monstrous absurdity that the Governor can deprive the people of the necessary means of defense at a time when the colony is actually threatened with an insurrection of their slaves ...has worked up the passions of the people there almost to a frenzy."

Dunmore's justification for the incident, mocked in the June 6 edition of the South Carolina Gazette

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