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Siege of Yorktown Resources from the
Library of Congress and the National Archives

The Library of Congress and the National Archives are valuable American history resources. Among the vast holdings are many primary sources related to all aspects of the Revolutionary War, including the 1781 Siege of Yorktown. For ease of reference, we have assembled links to a few resources pertaining to Yorktown.

French Participation in the American War of Independence

Map showing the placement of naval vessels off the coast of Yorktown, Virginia

George Washington records the British surrender at Yorktown

Washington's "articles of capitulation" signed by the British on October 19, 1781

A ca. 1903 photograph of the Moore house, site of the British surrender

John Bull & Uncle Sam: Four Centuries of British-American Relations
In the "American Revolution" section, near the bottom of the page, are links to 1) a fanciful French print depicting the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, and 2) the map that was used during negotiations that led to the Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War in 1783.

The Treaty of Paris ending the Revolutionary War, signed September 3, 1783