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Today in the 1770s: November 13

WILLIAMSBURG, November 13, 1779.
MONSIEUR JEAN CADOU, takes this publick method of acquainting the Gentlemen and Ladies, that he intend opening a DANCING SCHOOL in this city. Those who choose to encourage him will please send or write to him at Mr. William Davenports where he lodges. He likewise propose teaching Gentlemen to FENCE in all is its different branches, and will wait upon them by inquiring as above.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Nicolson) November 13, 1779

About this entry:

French dances, such as the "minuet" were much admired in the 18th-century, so a french dancing master must have been most welcome. In a later ad in the November 20 edition of the VIRGINIA GAZETTE, Monsieur Cadou indicated that he lodged "in a house on the back street". William Davenport rented the present Chiswell-Bucktrout House on Francis Street, and the location and size of the house made it suitable for taking in lodgers. Little is known about William Davenport, but he may have been the William Davenport and wife Mary who had 5 children baptized at Bruton Parish Church between 1757-1767.

Sources: Baroque Dance Reconstruction Project website

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