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Today in the 1770s: January 25

WILLIAMSBURG, January 25, 1776.
ARCHIBALD DIDDEP, Tailor, WILLIAMSBURG, Returns his employers in general, and his old customers in particular, the most cordial thanks for past services, and shall always be ready to execute any command which they may hereafter entrust him with. As his family is extensive, journeymens wages very high, and his creditors exceedingly solicitous for their due, he hopes those whose accounts have been long standing will not take it amiss should he earnestly entreat them to make immediate payment; and those for whom he shall in future do business, it is expected, will not hesitate to tender down the cash so soon as their work is done. Ladies riding habits are still made by him, on the shortest notice. He remains the publick's most obedient humble servant, Francis Street, January 25, 1776.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie) January 26, 1776

About this entry:

In 1773, Diddep notified his customers that he had moved his business "to a house contiguous to Dr. Pasteur's" (the Willliam Finnie house on Francis Street). Property records show that Diddep owned one lot from 1773-1785 on which a combined house and shop were constructed. His house no longer exists and the location of it is part of the present parking lot west of the William Finnie House.

Sources: CW RR, Block 2 Lot 255

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