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Today in the 1770s: August 3

WILLIAMSBURG, August 3, 1775.
WANTED. A HEALTHY NEGRO WOMAN that has been used to Washing, Ironing, and other House Work. Any Person having such a Negro to dispose of may hear of a ready Money Purchaser by applying to the Printers. If she has a Child or two, they will be purchased with her.

Virginia Gazette (Dixon Hunter) August 3, 1776

About this entry:

This healthy negro woman would be expected to take care of costly clothing, and her owners' neat appearance is dependent on her competence. Hannah Wooley gave instructions for wash-women in her "Compleat Servant-Maid" (1704 ed.): "First, you must take care of all the Linen in the House and whatever you wash do it quickly, and do not let it lie and stink, and grow yellow, and so create to yourself the trouble of Washing it again, before it be used. Secondly, you must take care that all the bracks and rents in the Linen be duely mended. Thirdly, Keep your certain days for washing of such Rooms as are appointed you to wash and keep Clean. Fourthly, You must be sparing and not Lavish and Wastful of your Soap, Fire and Candle. Fifthly, Entertain no chair-Women unknown to your Master and Mistress. Sixthly, be careful that your Tubs and Coppers, or whatsoever else you make use of, be kept clean, and in good repair. Sevethly, You must be careful that you rise early every Morning, but more especially on Washing-days."

Sources: Wooley

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