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Today in the 1770s: August 7

WILLIAMSBURG, August 7, 1777.
TO BE SOLD, and entered on immediately, a valuable House on the Market Square in this City, with 4 handsome Rooms below neatly papered, and a Fire Place in each, with 3 Closets, and 6 Rooms above, with dry Cellars under the Whole, a good Kitchen and Laundry, with Closets, a Brick Dairy, Corn House, Smokehouse, Stable, and Coach Houses, with a Flower and Kitchen Garden, well paled in; also a small House adjoining, with 2 Rooms and Fire Places, a good Cellar, and Yard, the Whole in good Repair. With the above Houses may be had, all or any Part of the following valuable Furniture, viz. Mahogany Dining Tables, Pembrook, Card, Toilet, and other Tables, large and small handsome Looking Glasses, an eight Day Clock, Mahogany Chairs, with Brocade, and Furniture Bottoms; green Passage Chairs, Carpets, and Carpeting, a large Mahogany Plate Case, with Glass Doors, a Mahogany Bureau, on Brass Castors, a Tea Urn with a Mahogany Stand, Beds, Bedsteads; and Curtains, Tea, and Table China, Bowls, and ornamental China, japanned, Glass, and Queen's Ware, a Brass Grate, a Bath Stove, Handirons, Brass and Wire Fenders, a good Jack, and a Quantity of Kitchen Furniture, also a large imported Flour Mill, with a Variety of other Articles too tedious to mention. The Terms may be known by applying to the Subscriber, on the Premises, who intends leaving this State in a short Time, and requests those who have any Claims against him immediately to apply for Payment, and all who are indebted to him, either by Bond or Account, will be so good to discharge their several Balances as soon as possible. JOHN BAKER

Virginia Gazette (Dixon & Hunter) August 8, 1777

About this entry:

John Baker had purchased the property which we call the Roscoe Cole House from Wlliam Hornsby in 1773 and sold it to John Hatley Norton by the end of 1777. Baker was a surgeon-dentist from whom George Washington purchased false teeth. The details concerning the furnishings in this house provide a glimpse of elegant goods available to those who could afford them.

Sources: CWRR, Roscoe Cole House.

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