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Today in the 1770s: September 1

WILLIAMSBURG, September 1, 1774.
Yesterday sailed from Northampton the Lucretia, captain Brown, with FIFTEEN HUNDRED BUSHELS OF INDIAN CORN on board, contributed by the inhabitants of that county for the relief of their suffering brethren in Boston.

Virginia Gazette (Clementina Rind) September 1, 1774

About this entry:

To punish the Bostonians for the Boston Tea Party (March 1774) the British government enacted "The Intolerable Acts", one of which was the closing of the port of Boston. This ruined the local economy as the inhabitants had no way of supporting themselves, nor money to buy food. Americans rallied to help and food poured into Boston from all thirteen colonies. Boston was able to withstand the British blockage.

Sources: Miller, p 367

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