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Today in the 1770s: December 7

NEW YORK, December 7, 1772.
Captain Prince, from Cayenne, touched at Barbados, and left that Island the 27th of October, and acquaints us that the day before Captain Steel arrived there in a Ship from Philadelphia, after a Passage of fifty six Days, having in Latitude 27 met with a terrible Gale of Wind, in which he lost his Mainsail and Boat, and had Part of his Cargo damaged. That the Slaves in a French Brig belonging to Martinico, from Africa, had killed the Crew on the Passage, took Possession of the the Vessel, were cruising to Windward of the Islands, and had fired upon several Ships, etc. that had arrived in the West Indies; and that two Sloops were gone in Search of her. That a Ship belonging to Liverpool, with three Hundred and fifty Slaves on Board, was lately brought into Barbados, by another Guineaman, after a warm Engagement of four Hours, the Slaves having killed all the Whites on Board but one little Boy.

Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon) December 24, 1772

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Hundreds of slave insurrections took place on shipboard during the years of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Many of these resulted in failure, for in spite of the slaves' courage and cunning in overpowering the crew, they still had to sail the ship to a safe place and avoid other ships that would come to the assistance of the crew.

Sources: Taylor, p 3, 105

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