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Farm Family of Seven

  • I am a York County farmer with a wife and five children. To make a living for my family, we must sell milk, eggs, butter, potatoes, onions, and other garden vegetables in far away Williamsburg.

  • We will have to leave very early. Even on good days the trip takes two hours. Usually it takes longer. Fallen trees often block the roads, or the weather is bad, or the wheels on our cart break because the roads are bad. Sometimes, one of the children is sick and we cannot go at all.

  • But on good days, we can get to Williamsburg early...

  • ...sell our produce, and make the money we need.

  • Then we can buy tools, salt, medicines, needles, cloth, or other things we need. And if mother's butter is fresh and delicate as usual. well then her regular customers might pay a little more, and we can buy a small treat.

  • What should I do once everything is sold? Should I buy a newspaper with the left-over money? I will have to read it out loud to the others, who cannot read. Or, should I buy some sugar and tea? What news might there be in town? Will my children enjoy their time in town, or will it be more hard work as usual.

  • What things do you think you would do with your family on market day? What choices would you make about purchasing food, clothing, and medicine for your family? Would you choose something for fun, too?